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About Paravun Inka Mushaba
Master Teacher of the Mushaba Disciplines

As A master teacher of the Mushaba Frequencies, Paravun Inka Mushaba has dedicated his life to teaching people the many physical and mental benefits of the Mushaba Disciplines and Teachings. Paravun Mushaba has been involved in spiritual wisdoms since his birth being guided by his spiritual guides from the higher spiritual dimensions. He was so consciously connected to his mission in the world of bringing light to humanity that while in his mother's womb he called out to her and asked to be named Paravun. He is a Master Teacher of The Mushaba teachings of Freedom and Empowerment, The Mushaba Esoteric Movements of Life and Sound, and a Grand-Dahm of the Martial Artistry of Power and Beauty, as well as a teacher of various techniques which enhances mental health by facilitating harmony and balance of the body and mind, creating a mental state similar to that of deep meditation. He is a Master Teacher of the Mushaba Cinji Cha Healing, and a practitioner of health, wellness and fitness. 

 His name Paravun means: “Child of Light who carries the pyramid-star energy from the force of freedom and empowerment”.  He is deeply involved in Music using this as a tool to help transform humanity. The Mushaba Force comes from the Musical Spheres of Creation. He is here on earth to serve the process of evolution and ascension of humanity. The Mushaba Force itself has evolved to become the Love Essence of Mushaba.

Paravun is involved in the day to day operations of The Mushaba Empire which incorporates the teaching of workshops, seminars and counseling of individuals as well as many business such as The Mushaba Center, Mushaba Entertainment, Mushaba Health and Wellness, just to name a few of the many.

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